Do The Length Of Your Nails Matter When Playing the Guitar?

Many guitarists have come across this dilemma at least once in their lifetime, whether short nails are better than long nails when it comes to playing guitar. Surprisingly, some guitarists are able to dish out the most melodious music ever, in spite of long nails. If you are looking for a place to learn guitar, Ossia Guitar Courses is a good platform to explore this option.

Majority of the guitarists are absolutely against playing the guitar with long nails. They claim that playing guitar with long nails is exceedingly difficult or that the music does not sound perfect. The average guitarist likes to have some length of fingernails in their plucking hand as it serves a variety of purposes. However, the length of the fingernails on the fretting hand are usually kept to a minimum, owing to the fact that long nails in the fretting hand will make it difficult to play. In this article we shall discuss, how are fingernails connected with playing guitar.

The debate of short vs long fingernails in the plucking hand
Many of the people vouching for the long fingernails claim that it helps in exerting more force on the plucking of the string. Most expert guitarists agree that it is better to pluck the strings with the nails as opposed to plucking them with fingertips, as it will subdue the acoustics. Furthermore, it is impossible to play with fingertips for decent periods of time owing to the skin getting blistered. On the other hand, longer nails are more likely to get chipped while plucking the strings, so the guitarists need to be careful when playing with long fingernails. But at the end of it all, it boils down to personal choices, for learners it is recommended to try with varying length of finger nails first and then decide on the length of the fingernails which suits them the most.

The shape of the fingernail
Guitarists often give a lot of importance to the shape of their fingernails apart from its length. Here we shall discuss, some tips about this aspect. Most classical guitarists prefer to go with the rounded fingernails, because they are extremely easy to work with and are ideal for various kinds of plucking. Furthermore, they produce credible sounds
which are well balanced. Most beginners are advised to start with rounded fingernails as indicated by students of music course in Singapore. Another shape that is quite popular with classical guitarists is the sloped shape, the distinct advantage that sloped nails offer is that the resistance from the strings are significantly reduced. A select few guitarists sport pointed fingernails as it enables them to play strong and distinct sounds while playing the guitar.